Award Winning Photographer

Jason Smith London Photographer

My name is Jason Smith, Director & Photographer with over 15 years of experience within Advertising & Fine Art Photography working for AC COOPER N&P Ltd. 

Starting as a retoucher and printer at AC COOPER N&P Ltd, Photography has always been a core aspect of the business and something all of the staff are exposed to. The working environment encourages everyone to develop new skills, leading to my personal interest in photography along with all the other aspects of the business.  

I am also known for my extensive print knowledge within quality and fine art Giclee printing. Often capturing works of art, I am asked to provide colour matching services against originals that require the highest of standards. 

I have worked for some of the UK’s and World’s best-known brands, working with Senior members of organisations to provide quality results. 

Clients rely on my professionalism, dedication and effective time management skills. I am fortunate to have a long association with many clients and a know how to get the job done on time and to the required level of quality.

I have developed strong relationships with the many fine art and advertising companies within London, along with international companies and individuals. I also work with prestigious auction houses and magazine publications/brands whilst also catering for small enterprises and up-and-coming artists. 

Many of these relationships have been cultivated as much through my personal approach and a friendly character as my professional excellence.