Canvas Reproductions

AC Cooper are specialists in quality Art Reproductions.

Established in 1965 we have established a world renowned reputation in providing the finest reproductions of artwork.  Servicing a range of clientele from Auction Houses, Private Collectors, Museums and Individuals. 

Starting with Photography to the final application by our Artists all work is undertaken by the AC Cooper team.  From Award winning Photographers to our in house Hahnemuhle Print studio all aspects of the process involve the upmost quality and craftsmanship. 

Often termed as an Oleograph or Facsimile our reproductions differ from others due to our unique process that has been developed over the past 50 years. 

Whether on Canvas or Fine Paper we only use the finest materials available.

Fill your space with elegant Works of Art created by AC Cooper

The attention to detail that we offer, allows us to create your artwork with a true artistic zeal that will come to life in your space. Replicating brush strokes to give a definition, unlike no other reproduction.

Your exquisite hand painted oil on canvas painting will be individually crafted by one of our talented artists.

Capturing Quality

AC Cooper’s Artist Reproduction service gives the most accurate recreations, as our own  artists hand paint the piece to add a completely new dimension and truly brings the Art to life. 

The painting is created so that it truly respects the original artists brush strokes and colour. It is this attention to detail and our artist’s passion, which sets us apart from the rest.

All of our painted art reproductions are hand painted to produce a fine canvas replica.

Fine art reproductions along with watercolour reproductions are extremely popular. We are confident you will be pleased with the results and colour accuracy of our artist copies. Oil painted reproductions is a popular way of reproducing original artwork. Our colour technicians providing proofs and on-site visits if required, thus ensuring the best possible match.

Passion for Quality

Our Canvas Reproductions are of the highest quality, we offer a bespoke and unique service. Our artists carefully apply brush strokes using a technique, which we have used for many years to create stunning results. Edition reproductions for resale provide options for established and new artists alike. Artist reproduction copies can also made using our Giclee service. Giclee reproductions offer quality on a range of Medias.

We have reproduced many fine artworks working with individual collectors, auction houses and art dealers. Given the opportunity we would ideally like to view the original artwork, this is not always possible and our team are on hand to offer help and advice in completing the project.

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Tailored to You

Not every reproduction requires brush strokes, alternatives and various media’s are available. Our expert team are available for consultation and to offer advice throughout the job. 
Painted by hand, AC Cooper produces fine quality Canvas Reproductions, brought to life by our own highly skilled artists.
If you have any queries about our Artist Reproduction or Canvas Art Reproduction or would like to discuss your project in more detail please contact us.