16th April , 2017

The day to day at AC COOPER N&P Ltd studio is varied,challenging and exciting in equal quantities.

Generally we have a good idea of schedules and what work is on the horizon but every so often during the day and week the situation can rapidly change. All of a sudden a job comes up they may have a tight deadline and we always do all we can to accommodate requests…

Part of what makes studio life so enjoyable is being kept on your toes working for such a diverse range of clients. We are fortunate enough to have clients that have been with us since the companies inception of 1965. Building relationships and understanding the ever changing environment has always been key to our long history in working with individuals and multi national companies.

We have a blend of youth and experience, some of our members have been with the company for over 30 years, something we are extremely proud of and eternally grateful to have such loyal staff. I myself have been with AC COOPER N&P Ltd for 15 years and enjoy the challenge as much as the first day I stepped through the doors.

The future is bright and positive, we have lots of new and exciting developments coming to the surface, once of which will be the introduction of Video capture, inline with our Advertising and Fine Art Photography. A typical shoot at present will be commerce, with models walking on and off a background being captured video. We will continue to develop and introduce more creative options.

Advertising and Fine Art Photography has always been at the forefront of AC COOPER, along with the print and finishing services we offer to compliment each other.

Further developments with shooting interior and exterior projects has been interesting and rewarding for us, as too has our Food Photography service which you will be seeing become live shortly on the new website.

Thanks for reading and keep creative..