Five Things You Can Do To Curate An Art Show

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Have you spent time in art galleries or museums and dreamt of how you would curate your own exhibition? Are you struggling to find a way to showcase your work or that of your talented colleagues and friends? No matter what your motivation may be, curating your own art show is a great way to connect with other artists in your community and establish your name and reputation in the field. In this day and age, you don’t need to wait for the approval of an established institution to can go ahead and curate a show of your very own. If this sounds like the dream you’ve been waiting to make a reality, read on to learn about five things you can do to curate an art show.

Connect With Emerging Artists

Whether you’re an emerging artist yourself or not, connecting with the next generation is a great place to start. Not only will emerging artists be keen to showcase their work in your show, they’ll also bring a wealth of energy and enthusiasm to the planning process. Emerging artists are often keen to pitch in and lend a hand themselves when collaborating on indie projects and they can offer a great community for anyone venturing out into the curating world for the first time.

Create A Concept

To pull off an art show that is a success in the eyes of attendees and critics, you need to establish a unifying concept. This concept can be thematic, aesthetic, or both. Before you commit to your exhibition artists, take some time to write out a clear vision for the show. This will come in handy not just in helping you choose what pieces to showcase but also in crafting your marketing and promotional materials down the road.

Find A Multi-Use Venue

If budget is a consideration, look for multi-use venues to hold your art show. Many cafes, restaurants, and bookstores in urban locations double as galleries and occasionally even offer up their wall-space free of charge. Teaming up with a multi-use venue also means that you may have other tasks—such as providing refreshments for opening night—taken off your hands. Finding a multi-use venue increases the chances that your location will bring a built-in crowd of clientele who will come and see your show simply because it’s located in their favourite coffee shop.

Start A Social Media Storm

Even without a big PR budget you can use the power of social media to drum up publicity for your show. Get your exhibiting artists together to participate in a twitter chat, invest a small sum in targeted Facebook advertising, and launch a free email marketing campaign with the help of a program like Mailchimp. The first step to successful art sales is getting those people through the front door.

Apply For Grants and Sponsorships

There is lots of funding available for independent artists through government grants and bursaries that can help you get your dream of becoming an independent curator off the ground. If you’re inexperienced or lack confidence when it comes to grant writing, you can always look into hiring a professional. There are even grant writers who will write your proposal on spec and will take their payment from the grant itself after you receive it. If grants aren’t your thing, you can also appeal to local business owners for sponsorships. You’d be surprised how many people are keen to support artistic entrepreneurs when given the opportunity.

If you’ve been thinking about curating your own art show, now is the time! Start by creating a concept and connecting with people in your community, and before you know it you’ll be sipping Chardonnay at your very own vernissage.

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