What Happens When Everyone Has a Camera

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These days just about everyone has a high quality digital camera in their pocket everywhere they go. Mobile phone camera technology has improved so much in the last ten years that it’s easy to feel like a professional photographer with an iPhone your hand. Not only that, but more and more amateur photographers are upgrading their hobby by investing in professional quality DSLRs. In this digital age, and with the rise of the amateur photographer, you may be wondering if it’s still worthwhile to hire a professional for your special event or business needs. Even though the art of picture-taking is more accessible than ever before, here’s why a professional photographer will get you better results every time.

It’s Not Just About The Camera

Digital photography has made it easy for anyone to get great point-and-shoot results, but truly high quality photography is about more than aiming your camera and pressing the shutter. A professional photographer will do so much more with their specialised knowledge, training, and tools. For example, a professional photographer will consider how to combine the elements of design to create a stunning composition. Remember that getting a great picture is also about how all the objects interact with each other within the frame. In addition to composition, lighting is another area that you’ll want to take full advantage of. Understanding how lighting works within shot is, similarly to having an eye for composition, an artistic skill that professional photographers have cultivated far beyond the amateur.

On a more technical level, professional photographers also bring with them the specific arsenal of tools they’ll need to get the best possible result. Professionals have a better understanding of exactly what type of lens to use for a specific shoot and will bring exactly the right tool for the job. In addition, if your shoot needs additional lighting, backdrops, or reflectors, a pro will bring what is needed to take your pictures to the next level. When it comes to using the camera itself, it’s not just about investing in one with the best specs. Taking incredible photos is also about knowing the detailed intricacies of how to use that camera’s many features most effectively.

Professionals Maximise Potentials

With all their training, knowledge, specialized tools, and cultivated sense of artistry, a professional photographer will maximize the potential of your photoshoot. Not only do they bring unparalleled expertise, they are also able to help you generate inspiration and ideas you may not have thought of without their trained eye. When working with animals or people who are not used to being photographed, like at a wedding, professional photographers know how to make their subjects comfortable and bring out their inner beauty. At a special event, professional photographers are also trained to spot and capture candid moments. All these skills combined will make sure your final photo album reaches its full potential.

It’s All In the Edit

Once the photoshoot is over, the work is far from finished. So much of digital photography is done in the editing room. Professional photographers have access to the highest quality editing software and, more importantly, they know exactly what to do with it. While an amateur may have a decent understanding of Photoshop, it takes years of training and experience to learn how to get the best possible results in the edit.

Since everyone these days seems to have a high-quality camera and a decent understanding of how to use it, it can be tempting to try and save some money by calling in a friend to take care of your photo needs. Budget-friendly as that may be, you’ll never get the best quality results without the tools, experience, knowledge, and artistry of a professional photographer.

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